PhD Thesis Abstract

My PhD Dissertation in Media and Communication Studies was defended on December 5th, 2011. The dissertation title is: “Online advertising on traditional news organisations websites. Market construction, operating logics and evolving dynamics”. Advisors: Nathalie Sonnac, Kevin Mellet, Josiane Jouët, Franck Rebillard, Dominique Augey, Philippe Bouquillon. For those who read French, it is freely and openly available here. (You can also find on this website a Curriculum Vitae and selected abstract of peer-reviewed articles published to give you an idea of my academic works achievements).

Online advertising on traditional news organisations websites. Market construction, operating logics and evolving dynamics.

The online advertising market is a complex, unstable and evolutive one. Our thesis describes and explains the way this market works for online news publishers from traditional news organisations. From a qualitative survey, based on semi-structured interviews with professionals in positions of responsibility in online news organisations and online advertising industry, we analyze the market construction and its operating logic. The latter questions the continuity of the news organisations advertising model online. Our goal is to understand how operates the audience markets valuation online for those traditional news market players. The audience quantification and qualification process are changing and show us conflicting logics between a logic imported from offline media advertising and another one from direct marketing, taking advantage of the interactive nature of online advertising. Three distinct but complementary points structure our work: the evolution of the market relationship between publishers and advertisers and how it is equipped (part 1); the inclusion of the market in a socio-economic context which imposes specific constraints and a tension between alternative modes of advertising product’s qualification (part 2); the role played by the appropriation of technological innovations by some players as well as the extent to which this appropriation determine, at least in part, the advertising business dynamics (part 3).

Keywords: socioeconomics, audience economics, online news, advertising, market, coordination.